Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 10 EOC: Top Restaurants In Vegas

What restaurant and food service customers seek

Restaurant and foodservice customers buy products, service, and an overall dining experience. To provide excellent service, managers must understand the elements all customers seek when they make restaurant and foodservice purchases

"I came here for my birthday and everything from the appetizers to the dessert was amazing! They truly made it an experience I'll never forget."

"The staff is wonderful and we've been there enough that some of the waiters recognize us and stop by our table to chat! The service excellent and the food is amazing! 

"Everything was amazing. The cheese board, the signature cocktails to the was all wonderful. We had a nice very clean table for the family that gave us some privacy and was able to enjoy our time together without the hustle of the bust place."

"Went for girlfriend's 30th birthday dinner. We were not disappointed. Food was delicious! Experience, atmosphere and server were great. Chef Marisa went out of her way to her birthday special! She's amazing! Five stars!"

"We visit Las Vegas annually and ALWAYS set aside an evening to dine here. Food is absolutely delicious! Service outstanding! Never had anything but exceptional experience."

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week 9 EOC: Tipping

Tipping has really impacted the hospitality industry for a while now. It has impacted so widely that it had created a two-tiered wage system that can provide consequences for people. Tipping becomes crucial in hospitality when all staffs are just working not to their highest standards, but to the point where it is good enough to be tipped. It effects the way staffs work and the mentality of how they think. “…It called the practice undemocratic and un-American, arguing that employers, not customers, should pay their workers.”

It isn’t right that some industries provide a wage that is lower than the minimum rate. However, the impact that tipping has on staffs might boost up their service standards because their mentality would think that if they provide better service they will receive tips otherwise they are stuck on living with low wages while working. When tipping is banned in a company ,staffs might start to slack off their work as there is no ‘bonus’ in working harder or providing customers with better service since it is a fixed wage. In upper scale restaurants, tipping an individual is usually restricted so all profit goes to the restaurant. And most tipped workers are not fancy steakhouse servers; they are women working at places like IHOP, Applebee’s and Olive Garden.”

Tipping the staffs should be banned and wages should be decent. This method allows companies to also gain more profit, even though they are spending more on labour. The average amount that staffs get from tipping contributes more than what the company looses for labour. Hillary Rodham Clinton supports eliminating the tipped minimum wage.” If tipping the staffs individually are banned, then the profit goes to the company and this way the company gains more profit and they do not loose any money. Staffs will eventually be motivated to work as their minimum wage is high enough and they will still provide service standards that are expected within the company. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 8 EOC: 3 Quotes

This type of training helps ensure consistent quality, reduces costs due to waste, and increases guest satisfaction.(35)

The 4 Ps of marketing are the four key ingredients that managers use to create their own recipes for marketing their operations.(26)

Restaurant and foodservice managers should assess the impact of any market trend that can affect their establishments in the future. They can best do that by keeping up with current events and staying involved in their local communities.(12)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


"If service standards are not carefully identified and documented for future reference, the standards may not be known and followed by all. If that happens, the result can be the misuse of employee time, a waste of resources, and decreased profits." (276)

“The primary purpose for operating the facility would still be to support the mission of the organization operating it rather than to maximize profits." (93)

“When first entering an establishment, guests will make assumptions about it based on the cleanliness and attractiveness of its walkways, doors, windows, foyers, entrance, and waiting areas.” (40)

“These are areas in which the business excels.” (104)

“To be fully successful, a restaurant or foodservice operation must meet the needs of customers better than its competitors. Managers must understand who their competitors are and how much of a threat they pose to the success of the operation.” (60)

“ One way to determine opportunities is to look at strengths with an eye for building on them and to look at weaknesses to see if eliminating them can create opportunities.” (104) 

“This analysis is done so that the weaknesses can later be eliminated or turned into strengths. “ (104)

A well-constructed brand position statement is of immense value for managers because it helps them determine the marketing strategy and tactics that will be developed in their formal marketing plans. (23)

A competitive point of difference can be part of a marketing strategy to separate one operation from its competition. (254)

If managers’ marketing strategies create service expectations for their customers, those expectations must be met every time and at each moment of truth.(254)

While product, promotion, and place have always commanded a great deal of attention from managers, only recently have these professionals begun to truly appreciate the significance of price in the 4 Ps marketing mix. (29)

The important point for restaurant and foodservice managers to remember is that price can be perceived very differently by different buyers or even by the same buyer at different times. (29)

experienced managers know that, in their business, product, promotion, place, and price are important in establishing a brand position, but service quality is even more important to long-term success. (32)

Promotion is the manner in which an operation communicates with its customers. (30)

the 4 Ps of marketing are product, price, place, and promotion. When managers elect to feature service as a major PR campaign emphasis, they can choose to highlight one or both of two additional service-related Ps. (175)

At the start of the implementation phase, managers break the plan into discrete tasks, assigning resources to each one.  (121)

A business plan may also contain background information about the organization or individuals attempting to reach the objectives set for a business. (122)

Once a marketing evaluation is completed, it is important to use the information obtained to identify how to improve the success of both the plan and the business. (15)

This evaluation helps them identify areas that may need improvement to support their marketing plans. (18)

One of the best methods for understanding a target market is to develop a guest profile. (6)

Implementation, Evaluation, Control

The implementation of White Marble's pop up restaurant will not be of much difficulty. "At the start of the implementation phase, managers break the plan into discrete tasks, assigning resources to each one."  (121) To obtain fresh produce we will have to have delivery everyday and that is standard when maintaining a restaurant. The marble slabs will be brought in, we will have a standard size of 10x21 inches each, and the slabs will be cleaned and sanitised after every table. We will order the number of marble slabs according to the number of seats we have in our restaurant, as well as around ten extras. The fine dining courses will be maintained and implemented by the Chef. The Mexican Japanese fusion is brought out throughout the whole menu. The view of where White Marble is located implements the upper class atmosphere automatically without any cost.

The evaluation of this pop up restaurant is very crucial. "This evaluation helps them identify areas that may need improvement to support their marketing plans." (18) Since it is a pop up restaurant for only a month, White Marble needs to know who their potential customers are and how profitable and popular the restaurant could be. It could set a worldwide trend with the unique style of how we dine on marble slabs as well as our authentic Mexican Japanese fusion. We will offer surveys to customers that dine at our restaurant. An Ipad will be brought to the table after they are finished with their course to have a review of our service, food and atmosphere as well as what needs to be improved. White Marble feels that an Ipad will be more efficient as the survey will be completed in a faster and more convenient way rather than a pen and paper. It will also contribute to our fine dining upper class style.

White Marble will control all the necessary aspects in order to keep the pop up restaurant efficient, and producing quality food. "Once a marketing evaluation is completed, it is important to use the information obtained to identify how to improve the success of both the plan and the business." (15)
Since the restaurant is only open for a month, food and service will always need to be controlled often. For the whole month, the owner, managers and head chef will always be present so that quality is controlled and customers are satisfied. A good impression will need to be maintained. Food safety will also be controlled by obtaining a food safety certificate to ensure customers that our style of dining is very hygienic and sanitary.